Monday, September 28, 2020

September Show and Tell

Are you missing going to quilt shows?  We all are! A few of our members joined in the "Hang a Quilt Outside day" promoted on Facebook.  The idea was to put on a sort of quilt show for the world.


                                                          Kathy Belluscio's back yard show

                                                                Nancy Ellers' display.

                                             Martha Lorshbaugh's front porch display

  If you played along, you can still send me a picture! 


We had a few more members join in the zoom meeting in September.  So nice to see familiar faces and share a laugh or two!  I grabbed screen shots of some of the projects shown.   (I have cropped myself out of most of the pictures for you!) I'm sorry I don't have better descriptions- I can't write notes and get the pictures at the same time. 

Connie and Jenny showed similar projects made in their zoom "Sunday sew along"

Connie went first...

                                                                 Super sweet pincushion


                                                              Clothesline coasters

Then it was Jenny's turn

Jenny said she has been wanting to make a banner for her library table for a while.  Isn't it beautiful!

Lori Anderson ran out of steam and fabric following along with Bonnie Hunter's Unity quilt.  It's a nice size, so she's happy with it.


Alex showed a few of the birds Kevin has been painting on fabric.  This was the only picture that was clear enough to share.

I couldn't get a picture of Nancy Eller's pieces, but she was nice enough to send them to me.

 A lovely Celtic runner (?- or door hanging?)

 Nancy was inspired to create a covid quilt, using images of the virus.  It is 3-D, with stuffing and little flaps on each of the dastardly things. 

Irene Bow sent these pictures.  I had to wait for the newsletter to come out to get the descriptions.


Irene has been picking flowers from her garden to enjoy inside while she still can. 

This is a project bag given to Irene by her niece, which included some crocheted pieces Irene's mother made.

I'd love to see more of what you're all working on

- and more of YOU at the next Zoom meeting.  Give it a try- it's easier than you think, and a great way to be safely together with our guild! Watch your email for information.

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