Thursday, December 3, 2020

November show and tell

 Editor's note:

Blogger has made some changes which are making it very frustrating for me to try and get pictures where I want them.  I apologize for the large blank spaces and descriptions that may not match the nearest photo.  I have neither the time nor the patience to fight with it any further. 


Melanie Tubinis sent these in from projects she and her mom, Mary Anne Watson, have been working on.


Here are some photos of a quilt and baby book that my mom and I made for my nephew's baby.  

My mom made the quilt top and did the binding.  I quilted the quilt. 











 I made the alphabet book out of a panel and hand-stitched his name into the floor pictured on the back of the book. 

 My Aunt Nancy Lobaugh, my mother's sister and a former guild member for a brief time, had started this quilt for her grandson before she passed away last year.  Aunt Nancy had cut all the pieces.  After she passed away, my mom, stitched the top together. I did the quilting and my mom did the binding.  The backing was a very soft fleece that my aunt had chosen.  We are happy to have finished it and hope her grandson will enjoy it as a memory of his grandma since she chose the fabrics and started it for him.

At the Zoom meeting November 21, I was able to grab a few pictures as well. These first few were sent to Connie  ahead of time- making it so much easier to see the items as well as for me to get a picture!

Nancy Ellers shared these projects:

This quilt and matching bag were made for a friend undergoing chemotherapy.

 Nancy decided to use the little orphan woven heart block as the center of this quilt when she found it in her stash.  She was trying to find something to use as a border, since she had no more of the green from the original block.

Elaine Lemley figured out how to enlarge a phone holder she saw online to make tablet holders for her nieces and nephews (I think)- since they are using their tablets for school these days.  

Martha Lorshbaugh has been busy knitting little critters for the holidays.  She said the reindeer will probably have to tow the sleigh alone, as the antlers are far too fussy!

Please keep sending pictures!  Your fellow members would love to see how you're spending your time!

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